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Feb 9, 2014
    1. Martok
      Hello. I already have 3 accounts active for myself. I have another person in my household that would like to play as well. Is there anyone that can assist with that? Thanks!
    2. bungfadda
      i played here years ago and recently started again. i am a donator and would like to restore my old accounts or merge the items. my older account were better trained skill wise and have anniversary items but my recent accounts i own a home i happen to love. any way to sort this out? appreciate all you guys do and ty for running the best uo server in existance
    3. Malte Holteheuer
      Malte Holteheuer
      I´m playing here for quite a while now but never managed to get enough platin to get an ethereal horse. i would like to donate to get one. what do i have to do? this wish isn´t influencing none except the bankaccount of the server and my happyness , so what is the amount i have to donate to get one?
    4. qexyario
      I need help with creating an account on UO i kept getting an error about the origin not working my dad uses the same IP address but on his own computer is there a way i can create my own account with the same IP my dad already got a max of 3 players in his account
    5. qexyario
      hello I need help creating an account but there an error saying something an origin I read the stuff online then said something the IP address im new to the game and my dad wanted me to try out the game he has created 3 accounts on his computer with the same IP address exepct that I am using my own laptop and I cant create my account
    6. Grakk
      We are a family of 5, my husband 3 sons and myself. We are old school UO players and now want to introduce the boys to the game. We were able to make an account for only 2 of us, would you be able to permit 5 players for our IP?
      Thank you
    7. tim moore
      tim moore
      i didnt mean to put my real name in is there a way to change my name and my avatar got sent to jail and im only 2 days old i cant leave the moongate wont let me i clicked on wrong statue i didnt understand what was going on but plz help with these issues i cant even play the game
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