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    For those of you that know we have had a very successful start. Our first journey as a community to Yew was a success. Although it was a bit quiet, our first market day and tavern night went wonderfully. Our growth has steadily increased and with that as has our property. A library has been built in Adalet, as has Akiros office and other buildings begin to be planned. Akiro has donated the funds for three outpost. The outpost are being monitored for nearby activity and soon security will be put in place. These outpost can be used to hold supplies and help train our craftsman. Resources are a necessity if we wish to strive as a self sufficient community. If you wish to have access to the outpost please contact Akiro he can help with travel. Nymeros has purchased a workshop near a city plans for that are being discussed.

    As you know we scouted our advancement to Skara Brae. With that the rest of our community soon follows and activity around Skara Brae is beginning to glow. Airk has ordered the construction of a temporary home outside of Skara Brae. Those adventuring outside of Skara Brae may want access, please send a pigeon to Airk. Due to the increased activity and success of multiple adventures, our community is expanding. Although we do need to strengthen our economic core we are showing progress. As said before our first Market Day was a great success and our craftsman have been hard at work. This activity and hard work has led to a new branch, The Guard. This guard will be organized and led by Airk Thaughbaer. He is working up the details for the positions in this branch. The Guard will act as a city guard when we are occupying a city and traveling support when migrating to a new town. They may accompany an adventuring party but are not liable for there protection on adventures. This branch will help verse crime in the cities and act as police. Skills for pvp and detective work are suggested for it job. Further detail will come soon. Nymeros will be leading the Citizens Branch. This branch consist of the backbone of this community our craftsman and adventurers.

    Anyone can summon up an adventuring party. We have plenty of people who are PvM capable. Planning for them can be helpful, if you are free this thursday at (whatever time) then post it and people will come. A market day will be getting planned soon as well as tavern nights. Airk is hosting an archery contest further detail soon to come on that as well.

    Additional Topics:
    • More activity in occupied cities (try to be active in Skara Brae vs. other cities)
    • Failed Taxes: A failure to pay taxes from Hagar McFadden has increased his 5% fee to 10%. Paying your taxes after a hunt or a market day helps keeps this community progressing
    • Improve your craftsman's skills and gather resources
    • Buy from your fellow citizens vs. non citizens
    All in all keep up the good work people. We are growing and starting to gel together as a community. Please try and stay update and active in IRC and/or Forums. If you are not good at either then you should be talking in guild chat and asking questions. If you are on please communicate through guild chat to see where the activity is and lets work to progress more as a community. The council will be discussing some questions we had about housing in Adalet. More Information will be coming soon... as well, event news...
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    A round of drinks on me!
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