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    As you all know we have relocated to the area around the Village of Paws and down through Trinsic. We ask that when not on hunts your activity be dedicated to area in the Village of Paws down through and into Trinsic. This will be used as a hub for Roleplay activity and create an area to call our own as well. Please use the NPC shops and banks, etc. in Trinsic before venturing to other cities. Trinsic pretty much has everything needed though it does lack an architect. We have adopted a red hue for our guild color. We have a full alliance with Paws so our citizens can have an open economic relationship with them as if they were citizens of our own. Akiro will be getting a hold of everyone to create your Dosier. This is simple takes 5 min. will be about 5 questions. We have added a militia branch and a guard branch.

    Militia: Is a citizen that can be called to arms for the defense of Trinsic and the Village of Paws
    • Ran and called upon by the Captain and Corporal. Guardsman hold a higher rank then Militiamen when in combat.
    • Anyone can be enlisted in the militia
    • Can have any citizen title
    • A * will be placed on title
    • Does not act like the guard only takes up arms when witnessing an assault/raid, or self defense
    • Should call for the guard if witnessing anyone stealing
    • Monthly training: Must join one monthly training session there will be two a month
    • Can hide title
    • All skills (must be able to assist in combat) accepted some skills such as taming will have rules to pvp
    Guard: The guard is a structured group designed to defend Trinsic, the road to and from Paws including the Village of Paws itself. This includes the surround area
    • Ran by the Captain and Corporal
    • Ranks:
      • Rookie: Newly enlisted member. Must follow a Patrolmens lead. Patrolmen in training
      • Patrolmen: Patrols the city of Trinsic the road to Paws and the Village of Paws, Fills log book, Issues fines, Walks through guarded cities and rides through trail.
      • Watchmen: Patrols the same area as Patrolmen and also the wilderness around the area including south of Trinsic. Rides a horse at all times including in cities
      • Guardsmen: Veteran member of the guard, operates as a Patrolmen or Watchmen.
      • Corporal: Captains assistant, operates over the Militia and Guard.
      • Captain: Leads the Guard and Militia, Only answers to the council
    • Uniforms will be fitted to compensate your skills
    • Must be able to Attack and Defend in combat
    • Melee, Magery and Ranged accepted
    • Robbery and Assault fines will be decided by the Council after an individual has been apprehended.
    • Must show title at all times
    • Must join monthly militia meeting (If you don't have a character in the militia)
    • Forensic, Tracking, Detect Hidden, etc. skills are a huge benefit as well as archery.
    The council consist of Akiro and Nymeros

    • Assault (fine chosen by council)
    • Robbery (fine chosen by council)
    • Mounted in Trinsic 500 gp: If caught riding a mount in Trinsic you will be forced to pay a 500 gp fine (not that bad of fine brings in revenue, don't ride your mount in the city)
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