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    Welcome to the FAQ and thanks for your interest in The Dark Legion! Here you’ll find questions to the most-common or most natural questions that pop up about [TDL]. If there’s any questions that aren’t covered here that you would like to see answered, feel free to send me (Gharik) a message and we’ll see if we can figure it out.

    Q. 1) What IS TDL?

    The Dark Legion is a new, evil, undead-themed roleplaying guild on the UOR private server for Ultima Online. We offer six very different races to choose from for our guild members, all of which have different skill templates, appearances, and mannerisms. Our goal is to provide a lot of fun for both the guild members and for the rest of the server by filling a very unique niche in the community!

    Q. 2) Should I join? How active do I have to be? Do I have to leave my guild?

    We want anyone and everyone who is serious about having fun and who knows it’s good to be bad! We want players of all playstyles and activity levels- we have some people who play in TDL with their main characters, we have some that play part-time, and we have some that only log on their (bare-bones? *Cackles*) basic skeleton or ghoul character to take part in town invasions/eat some human brains. We welcome everyone from the hardcore RPer to the person who wants a casual zombie alt!

    This means, of course, that you don’t have to leave your guild at all! We have no restrictions on people joining from any guild, under the understanding that they leave their baggage at the door and don’t engage in any activities with their other guilds to intentionally harass TDL members or TDL events.

    Q. 3) Can I join with my current character or do I have to make a new one?

    Excellent question, I’m so glad you asked. We welcome the opportunity to zombifie, lich-ify, bite, or do just about any other horrible things to your character to turn him or her into a genuine, evil monster of the night. If you already have a character, this can and usually does turn into part of your TDL toon’s character background. We have fun and usually very public rituals for your transformation into one of our five undead classes (please see our recruitment thread). We love and welcome new characters just for TDL, but often current characters can be “turned” as well. TDL accepts both old as well as new characters.

    That being said, we DO have certain strict restrictions that may prevent your character from being accepted into our roleplaying guild…these can include, but are not limited to, problems with your toon’s name, problems with the appearance, or a skill combination that is totally unacceptable for the race for which you have applied. Please see our recruitment thread for more information.

    Q. 4) Sounds amazing! I too want to eat human brains, make out with sexy daemonettes, and generally go bump in the night! …but how do I join, exactly?

    Please visit our recruitment thread for more information. Generally speaking, you send a forum message to Gharik (or any other officer) with your proposed TDL character’s name, race, skills, and a (brief!) overview of his/her character background as an undead minion.

    Q. 5) Do I have to be an amazing and/or neckbeard-loser roleplayer to join? Do I have to say “thou” and “prithee” every 2 minutes? Do I have to memorize every guild member’s character background?

    Absolutely not! For people who are not all about complicated roleplaying, playing a low-awareness zombie or skeleton doesn’t require much besides occasionally yelling “Brainsssss…” and taking a bite out of a human, or *rustling some bones*, for example. Our rank and race system is extremely flexible for our member desires’ and can accommodate people from every part of the spectrum.

    Q. 6) As TDL servant of the night, do I have to PvP/PvE/social event/underwater basket weave/etc.? How can I contribute to guild activity?

    Our guild is all about FUN and just like in the case of roleplaying ability/interest, we have room for people of all stripes. Some of our members do nothing but write short stories for the guild and its events. Some spend most of their guild time collecting items we need for new undeadites or to decorate our player town. Others mainly want to join for the RP-PvP events. Some have zero interest in PvP, but are interested in just roleplaying their characters and participating in social events. We have people who only play crafters (lich alchemists, skeleton blacksmiths, etc.) We will probably have red PKs. Whatever your black heart’s desire, TDL has a place for it.

    Q. 7) What are TDL’s long-term goals?

    We want to grow and thrive and provide a fun and unique atmosphere and player town for absolutely any individual on the server who is interested in participating in our guild even a little bit and who is willing to follow our guild rules. We want to provide creative RP-PvP events with other guilds and players so that people have a way to fight without having to be 7x GM in every one of the “normal” skills. We want to grow into a bustling community, and hope eventually to have NPC undead creatures roaming our town as allies and guardians to our guild members. Basically, our long-term goal is to be awesome and evil and to bring something new and exciting to UOR!

    Q. 8) Does TDL have a town of their own?

    Since the server is still in its early developement, no. However, once we get some funding together, we will pick out a nice spot and take over. I already have my mind set on a certain area, but it will depend on availability and funding.

    Q. 9) Does TDL War other guilds?

    No. Some members are strictly crafters, or have no desire to PvP. I will not force those people into a risky situation that they do not wish to be involved in. (The world is dangerous enough as it is!)

    Q. 10) This sounds awfully familiar! Didn't I see you guys on another freeshard under a different name?

    Yes. I was the leader of UWL on another freeshard. I have chosen to move UWL here and rename them TDL. This shard provides more for their players, and is no limited to the restrictions of era accuracy. Nutshell? More fun and more freedom!

    Thanks for your interest! TDL hopes to see you soon…dead or alive!

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