Safety of our seas [8/1/15 6pm EST]

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    *A notice is put on outer wall of the Amber Order*

    Dear People of Britannia,

    I have been advised by Jupiter to construct 4 ships which will act as a fleet, transportation and commerce vehicles between our village and Paws. Our merchant Martell has seen to himself to build these boats, however he will require some help.

    We need 200 oak boards for small ferries while also some skilled carpenters are required. As master as he is, Martell has not dedicated all his life to carpentry, therefore he is seeking to employ the best of best carpenters in all Britannia.

    Another topic, with the construction of our lighthouse, we will start patrols around seas to make sure they are secure. I propose the initial one to be held this Saturday.

    Our newest additions Jhon "Redhair" and Jack "Syphilis", will be commandeering our ship "The Sea Dragon" to ensure the sea is safe. We also need some food supplies so we can fish some supplies back.

    Governor of Cape Adalet
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