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    If you are new to this concept and curious what it means to role play or just wonder how the fuck to do it or why bother I will in this post try to explain some things about this way of playing and why we in Braavosian Sealords [XXX] think this is a fun way to play.

    In the beginning when UO was first released it was a game in the MMORPG genre, later only referred to MMO.
    MMORPG stands for "Massively multiplayer online Role Playing Game", or something like that, but even though people role played they mostly didn't role play their chars in a "true" way.
    For instance, here in UOR, you may see people stand at Britain bank talking to each other and use words like "sup?" or "l8ters".
    This is nothing wrong in itself but not really true role playing.
    People always use mounts, we recall around between places instead of running etc. and taking advantage of the game mechanics.
    Also nothing wrong in itself but yet again, mostly not true role playing.

    Specifically for us in Braavosian Sealords we aim to role play the role of a pirate as much as we can, in any situation and anywhere we go.
    This, compared to a "normal" play style, can be both frustrating and irritating if you are unused to do it but in the long run it will give your char a lot more personality and I am fairly sure you will come to appreciate this way of gaming more than the now so common way.
    A positive side effect of role playing is also that you grow stronger bonds to your guildies, you have more fun and the people around you will have a greater experience.

    So, how do you do it?
    Well, there are many ways to do this but basically for all roles you play you have to think a little deeper about what and who you are.
    What character do you play, how would he feel and react in certain situations, what back story does he have etc.
    Here in [XXX] we chosed to be pirates so the questions you have to ask yourself is:
    What is typical for a pirate? And what is my pirates back ground?

    Typical for pirates, in my opinion, is some key things:
    # They sail ships
    # They speak funny
    # They don't mind killing enemies* to get some gold
    # They like to drink rum
    # They chase or hide treasures
    # They would never ride a horse or other mounts
    # They feel unease on land and rather not stay too long on it
    # They are ruthless
    # They don't wear armor made of metal (can be very hard to survive a battle at sea if u happen to fall over board if u do)
    # If they go anywhere they sail to the destination, never use magic
    # They rather not stay under ground other than in caves to hide a treasure or mine after metals
    And probably many more things

    *with enemies I mean pretty much everyone not in same guild or fellow pirates in same guild who insulted them at the inn over a dice game.

    And on top of all these typical pirate things above you also build in your personal back ground.
    # Maybe you have a sad story, a wife that died, that makes you ALWAYS drink when at port, this means you will always be drunk and always have to have bottles of rum with you or complain that you need to find some if you're out of them.
    # Maybe you like to gamble for money and are always poor or owe people gold.
    # Maybe you were someone important earlier in life and like to brag about that.
    # Maybe you were a murderer, outlaw, thief, homeless, slave or similar and have experiences from that that will show in your personality.

    Combine this and you get a live person with a personality of his own that people can interact with and get to know.
    Non RP players will come to love this person as well as fellow RP players.
    It gives the game a new side and a new experience.

    When in character as a pirate it is likely you will die a lot more than if you played your tamer/bard with GM magery that could recall away if need be but this is a part of the game.
    We typically don't use expensive gear that is costly or hard to replace and as long as we stay together, cross heal and cover each others back in any fighting situation we have a great chance of survival.
    This takes practice and patience but most important even in situations like this, stay in character, play your role and have FUN!

    It is a long way to perfection but every road starts with a first single step.
    Very few will reach the goal but everyone will have a great time aiming for it.

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