Report: The Case of the Missing Prototype

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    (Crossposted from the Salty Dog Tavern forum)

    Not but a week ago I found myself lying dazed on the forest floor with broken pieces
    of my lute strewn about me, gagging from the lingering stench of orc in the air. As
    my memories flooded back to me, I looked down and saw that my feet were bare. My
    experimental thigh high boots were gone.

    You see, in the interest of furthering the studies of stitchcraft and fashion, I
    have been working on various improvements to the conventional tailoring techniques
    and in those past few days I had been testing a new prototype of thigh high boots.
    Out for a stroll and taking notes on the time differential of the spring in my step
    with respect to various heel heights, an orc or perhaps many orcs, must have seen
    the prototype from a distance and decided to mug me for it! Of course, it is well
    known across Britannia that the orcs harbor a perverted obsession with this type of
    footwear. I should have been more careful during my tests.

    I asked the ever-helpful if a bit deranged Icas Rex for help in finding the boots as
    the research I had already done with the prototype was invaluable to the project's
    future success. We asked around at the local bank yet no one seemed interested in
    helping. Indeed, the local guards completely ignored our pleas! We were about to go
    it alone when an ostard-tamer named Mephesto heard us from nearby and offered to

    Myself, Icas Rex, and Mephesto riding an ostard with another ostard following him
    made our way back to the scene of the crime. The free ostard seemed to have
    difficulty navigating the terrain of a forest unfamiliar to it and many times we had
    to wait for it to catch up. It was during one of these snags when Icas Rex decided
    to put the ostard out of its misery. A couple arrows and it was felled. I was
    afraid Mephesto might get upset but he seemed to understand. Personally, I wonder
    if Icas Rex just enjoys plugging wildlife full of holes.

    We found the orcs' cave hideout and made our way inside, fighting off the stinking
    hordes. I summoned my first blade spirits and was awed, if not a bit frightened, by
    its power when Rex nicked himself on a magic blade. I was beginning to lose hope as
    the pile of orc bodies grew but Mephesto finally found the prototype after having
    defeated a particularly ugly orc who appeared to be sporting some crude attempt at
    lipstick. We quickly left the cave, exhausted but exhilarated from battle, and
    reconvened to the roof of the rune library in the village of Paws to share a drink.

    The boots in question:
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    *a treasure clerk approaches Nymeros*

    My lord, Enna the Citizen has graciously donated her platinum coin to the community, after being asked if she would like to obtain under the new article published on 10th of x*unreadable month name*.
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    Ya man, I agree. Those are some amazing boots, but as Alice mentioned, they are just prototypes so you can't by them just yet.
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