People of Britannia & Village of Paws

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    *a poster hungs from the outpost at Cape Adalet*

    We have signed a commerce & alliance treaty with Village of Paws. We will co-ordinate building a marketplace at Village of Paws to sell our wares.

    Please consider members of Paws as any other member as People of Britannia.

    [OOC: To make things easier to arrange in game, we declared war on Paws, but DO NOT attack any Paws members. This is only a game tweak we setup with @Jupiter.]
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    Jupiter tied his tired steed to the hitching post near the water basin and began the short 4 step accent into the outpost of Adalet. He paused at the door and smile at the sight of Nymeros' notice.

    He tapped the notice twice and muttered "Uus Veritas" and the mark of Paws appeared in glowing runic characters on the notice.

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