People of Britannia Migration #1 - a Town of Rangers

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    *Nymeros takes a quill pen writes on the guild log*

    Our trade with the Yewish locals went significantly well. We have filled our coffers and this allowed us the construction of our library and few more houses around the Cape. More importantly, people are aware of us now.

    Since the Yewish people will not be requiring any of our supplies soon, we have decided to move to Skara Brae, town of rangers. However, talks of orcs gathering near the orcish fort on the way had us worried so we had to take measurements. For this reason, we have put up a scouting party to see what's going on.

    It was I, Airk and Hephasteus to take on this important task to have a look at the Orcish fort.

    When we arrived at the fort, there wasn't much going on. It was booming with the younglings, for readers the way to separate the young ones and the mature ones are that mature ones can actually speak Common, but with a distinct guttural speech. Also, they are more intelligent and more difficult to kill where as younglings will engage you on sight with no rational thinking whether you have 15 dragons with you. Back to the point, it was swarming with younglings but no sign of any other ones.

    We have managed to cut down quite a few of them to see if any mature ones come out, but instead a whole legion have appeared from the fort, therefore we chose to pursuit this on another day. Due to the shower of arrows I could not depict a picture as we quickly gathered our mounts and ran away. I am not worried with the amount of younglings, but no sign of mature orcs are a good sign, for now.

    Back to the road, we encountered the notorious Crossroads Brigand Camp. They were probably asleep, and they had forgotten to put up guards on the front door. We quickly sneaked in.


    We went in and quickly slew few patrollers. One of the tents had a prominent bandit who seemed to be in charge, so I asked him if he knew where the orcs are. Meanwhile on the outside, Airk and Hephasteus were busy covering the tent area.


    The leader only shouted "ALARM" so suddenly a whole bunch of brigands answered their leaders calls. We dispatched them quickly but unfortunately that meant all of them had to die. We won't be getting information on orcs anytime soon.


    We followed the road and made it to the Crossroads where our elven archivist Arasys joined us. After a few hours' journey, we reached our hut in Skara Brae. We deposited our loot and made our way to Skara Brae for awarding ourselves with drinks.


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