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Discussion in 'The Dark Legion [TDL]' started by Gharik, May 15, 2014.

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    A dark shadow is forming in the forests of Trinsic. A voice creeps into your mind... Quietly beckoning you to join the darkness. The Guardian's grasp on your mind is strong now. He feels the evil within you. You feel Him ripping at your humanity. Eventually you give in, your feet begin to move without your knowledge. "Trinsic..." you mumble under your breath.

    Come join The Dark Legion. UOR's Undead Roleplaying guild.

    Due to recent interest from players, as well as a bit of extra time of my own, TDL is re-forming. And by re-forming, I really just mean forming. I'm looking for a select few dedicated players to form the council to assist in the day-to-day operations of the guild. All other casual players are welcome as well, but a strong leadership is my current focus.

    Please direct yourselves to the TDL forums and familiarize yourselves with the guild's guidelines and then submit an application in the recruitment thread.
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    Awesome! Hope to see you guys around.

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