Crafting Worthwhile in UO:R?

Discussion in 'Renaissance Discussion' started by Malicus, Sep 18, 2023.

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    TL : DR: I want to craft things that have some sort of value to the game and sell them. Are crafted items comparable to looted items and sought after by players?

    So, I've been feeling the siren song of Brittania calling me home and I want to visit to land I grew up in. I played UO since launch and it was an integral part of my life until about 2005. Since then I'd pop my head back in every now and again and walk the streets of Vesper, dust off my old characters and go on a few adventures. By far, my favorite thing to do then, and during my frequent visits is to gather resources and craft items, furniture, potions, etc. I love the process of doing it and I love offering my wares to grateful adventurers who find what I make useful and valuable.

    My past few visits to the production servers and my old characters have ended in disappointment. There doesn't seem to be much use for crafted materials any longer on the Origin servers as artifacts and other looted items are now far more powerful than anything I could ever hope to create as a lowly crafter...making my wares pretty much useless. I've spent a little bit of time in UO:R but haven't quite stuck with it long enough to really understand what the experience is like. What I'm looking for is I wanted to spend all of my time gathering resources and crafting, weapons, and armor for players to use is that worth my time?
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    Welcome aboard. Be sure to hop on the Discord and say hello as well.

    It’s definitely possible to be successful as a merchant. Many players, myself included, have done extremely well by vendoring, crafting, gathering resources and rares.

    Crafting barbed leather suits, valorite dex suits, and barbed bone armor has been a full time gig for me in the past. There’s always been a solid demand for those.

    With the Bulk Order system, it’s possible to get runic hammers which can make some nice high end weapons that have a good market.

    For ingot gathering, there’s traditional mining of course but also battle mining which will yield higher amounts of ore by batting ore golems and elementals.
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    Items ReZon mentioned plus high end BoD rewards sell well. It’s not standing at Brit back like the old days but steady demand on the forums, discuss and if you can get s decent vendor spot and keep it consistently stocked.
    check out bulk order rewards on the main UOR site.
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    I made my first 20M or so mining. Great way to make gold if you're just starting out.

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