An Elf knocking on my door?!

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    *you see an intricate handwriting*


    Enna and I ran into, what I believe, a Noldorin. As usual I am skeptical about where he is truly from, especially considering the many possibilities stemming from his Elven accent. I offered him my tower for his stay. I truly trust him, and gave him my blue cloak. I am sure you are very well aware of the fact I am not the best when it comes to recalling names, yet his name is Talyn. He is very new to Sosaria. I had to leave for Village of Paws to finish my work with runebooks, yet he will spend the night at Cape Adaleth.

    You should meet him. I tried to scribble his appearance down below with little ink I have left.


    With Corellon's blessings,
    A. Llanor.
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    I am pleased to learn that you were able to find him again. I'm even more pleased that you've welcomed him into our Cape settlement. Are you able to understand his language, Arasys?
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    All Elves are welcome to Cape Adalet. My noble family is said to have some ancient elven lineage and you know very well how we were raised together, with no importance whether our ears were pointy or not.

    I will try to find this elf and help him get a house. In the meanwhile he can also use our barracks, situated at entrance floor at the log cabin.

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