A New Oasis

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    The armor once worn by the Knights of Stormhold has long since rusted. Criminal enterprises have long forgotten about sheep permits. And the glue that held the Village of Paws together had vanished long ago. With this that lack of an adhesive, the villagers had scattered across the land. Some can still be seen drifting aimlessly throughout Britannia, adventuring when the siren call is heard. Song Bird missed the village proper. The comradery, the adventure, the laughs. She mentioned this, offhandedly, to Marcus Tischler one day.

    Marcus, too, longed for a township he once belonged. The Oasis. A shining spot of family, fun, and hope in a often too brutal world. Marcus and Song reminisced into the wee hours of the night. The dungeon dives, the brigand raids, the laughs with good friends. And the ale. They both enjoyed the ale.

    "Well why not set up a new town?"

    They don't remember which one originally asked the other, but it was Marcus who's eyes LIT up and Song could see the tinker cogs spinning in his head.

    "We'd have to move a lot of things and the roads are very dangerous. We will need to recruit some likeminded brave souls to help this New Oasis flourish..."
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    What a long day! The move was hard and took a lot out of him but Marcus sat at the bar he crafted and asked Ramon for a bottle of liquor, he deserved it.


    Marcus settled in with his bottle of liquor and thought to himself. "I finally found a place to call home...an Oasis...."

    Nestled in the green grass, sits the New Oasis, Oasis Village. Some say it's called this as its in the last respite of civilization before the dreaded Bog of Desolation when coming from the South West.

    1964, 1096
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    Is this tavern open to the public or are there hours of operation?

    Also, in a few hours, I'll be opening the Siren's Call tavern in Shadowcove/Paws for business if anyone is thirsty.
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