2019 Anniversary House Decoration Contest | Oct 4 - November 15th

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  1. LanDarr

    LanDarr Renaissance Staff
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    Apr 19, 2013
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    Submissions will be accepted until November 15th . Voting will take place from November 17th to November 24th.

    A separate Voting Thread will be created

    There will be 5 categories to choose from
    • Best Decorated Massive House
      Includes: Fortress, Castle, Small Keep, Large Keep
      Note: Make sure to post a variety of pictures of all decorated areas of the house. Include descriptions for themed areas.
    • Best Decorated Large House
      Includes: Tower, Large Marble Patio, 2 Story House, Large patio, Large Brick
    • Best Decorated Medium House
      Includes: Sandstone, Log Cabin, Villa
    • Best Decorated Small House
      Includes: Marble Shop, Stone Shop, Small Houses, Small Tower, Etc
    • Most Unique Design Element
      Note: Custom Fighting Pit, Hot Tub, Piano, Tree or otherwise illustration of player creativity belongs in this category

    The Rules
    • Post pictures in this thread of your house, make sure to indicate which categories you are entering next to each picture of set of pictures.
    • Make sure to keep all your pictures for each entry in a single post.
      Note: Make sure to check the section below on the best method to attach an image. 1
    • The higher the resolution the better. (Avoid using razor screenshots, as they are low quality)
    • Any pictures posted between now and November 15th will be considered for judging.
      Note: Make sure to post a variety of pictures of all decorated areas of the house in the event of larger houses.
    • On November 17th all of the entries will be posted here in a thread for each category.
    • Players will be able to vote once each category for their top 3 entries.
    • For your vote to count you must have an established forum account.
    • Player votes will account for 50% of the score, with staff voting accounting for the other 50%.
    • By November 30th 2019 the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from each category will be announced.
      Note: Should you have trouble taking screenshots of your house post the location of the house here and the staff will assist you.

    The Prizes
    • All entrants will have their pictures and house included in the Renaissance Compendium, searchable by their name.
    • 1st place in each category will also get a 20 charge furniture dye tub and 20 Platinum.
    • 2nd Place in each category will get a 2nd place trophy and a 15 charge furniture dye tub and 15 platinum.
    • 3rd Place in each category will get a trophy a 10 charge furniture dye tub and 10 platinum.
    • Honorable Mentions will receive a 5 charge furniture dye tub.
      Note: Prizes subject to change if I come up with better ideas.

    How to Post a Screenshot
    • While ingame hit alt + printscreen.
    • Open Microsoft Paint
    • Select Paste or hit Control + V
    • Select the game window or the area you wish to include.
    • Select the crop option.
    • Save the images as a .jpg file.
    • Uploading the file to your forum post as an attachment using the "Upload a File Option"
    • Include the file as a thumbnail (not a full image) in your post by clicking the thumbnail button.
    • If you need additional assistance feel free to contact the Renaissance staff.

    To get some ideas make sure to check out our past house decorating contests. Or simply search on the website for keyword "decor"
    1st Renaissance House Decor Contest
    2nd Renaissance House Decor Contest
    3rd Renaissance House Decor Contest
    2015 Renaissance House Decor Contest - 2015 Compendium House Decor Entries
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    2017 Renaissance House Decor Contest
    2018 Renaissance House Décor Contest - http://uorforum.com/threads/2018-anniversary-house-decorating-contest-july-7th-to-august-15th.34936/
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  2. Jill Stihl

    Jill Stihl Well-Known Member
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    Apr 10, 2017
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    Category : Best Decorated Medium House

    West Gate Villa -

    2019 House 01.jpg

    2019 House 04.jpg
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  3. gitchu1000

    gitchu1000 Active Member

    Oct 30, 2017
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    My question is "how does that chimney work from downstairs without going into the upstairs room?!" lol

    looks awesome! nice job.
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  4. Jill Stihl

    Jill Stihl Well-Known Member
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    Apr 10, 2017
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    It did actually have another fireplace right above it when I deco'd the upstairs as a bedroom. But then I needed better storage.
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  5. Valient

    Valient Active Member

    May 6, 2016
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    The treasure room doesn't fit with the house, too organized. It doesn't offer a warm and cozy feeling like the rest of the rooms. Also, where do you sleep?
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  6. LanDarr

    LanDarr Renaissance Staff
    Renaissance Staff
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    Apr 19, 2013
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    Critiques are fun, but lets keep this to posting pics please, This is the real legitimate contest thread !!
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  7. Christoph Brock

    Christoph Brock Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2014
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    Here's my entry into the Best Decorated Massive House contest, [BOS] Keep.

    Hail, traveler! Welcome to [BOS] Keep. Please, come into the Great Hall and refresh yourself!

    The Chapel provides refuge for the weary soul.

    Our craftsmen keep the Armory well-stocked for the battles to come.

    Confess and time will pass quicker for you.

    The Pantry holds ample stores for our adventures ahead.

    Officers meet in the War Room to conduct business and plan operations.

    The Reading Room provides pause for meditation.

    The Upper Armory holds arms and armor for ready deployment.

    The Holding Room allows us to give full hospitality to the guests downstairs.

    A priceless collection of Ding vases no less.

    On the rooftop, the Tomb of the Eternal Flame stands in everlasting tribute to our guild's forefathers. The Tomb Yet to Be Sealed remains open, reminding us starkly of our duty and our fate.

    Looking upon our homeland, the Britannian Order of the Sword and Shield stands ready for the opportunities ahead. May we meet you merrily in the tavern...or decisively in the field.
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  8. rick

    rick Well-Known Member
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    Nov 10, 2014
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    Most Unique Design Element


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  9. TheDarkOne

    TheDarkOne Well-Known Member

    Feb 6, 2014
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    Category : Best Decorated Large House!




    The Real Vader AkA OG Triple OG Vader. Not Willy from KP Vader!

    1st Floor

    2nd Floor

    upload_2019-10-6_22-4-45.png upload_2019-10-6_22-5-26.png upload_2019-10-6_22-7-0.png
    3rd Floor



    4th Floor

    upload_2019-10-6_22-16-55.png upload_2019-10-6_22-17-46.png



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  10. Keza

    Keza Renaissance Staff
    Renaissance Staff

    Jan 6, 2015
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    Some Awesome posts so far! I look forward to many more. Here are my 3 entries in Picture and House Video Walk through!

    Most Unique Design Element - Roof Top Pergola Vineyard
    Best Decorated Large House - Hardmode Hunt House
    Best Decorated Massive House - Keza's Keep

    Dark Large.jpg Light Large.jpg

    Dark Mass Lower.jpg Light Mas Lower.jpg
    Dark Mas Middle.jpg Light Mas Middle.jpg
    Dark Massive.jpg Light Massive.jpg
  11. trifectafunk

    trifectafunk Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2018
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    Best Decorated Massive House
    The Keep Complex

    Hello! and welcome to my home. Come on in. (Its incredibly hard to get the whole floor in 1 screenshot - Should switch to UOC eh?)


    <-- Our stock room. Holds everything my family needs for adventuring, even the runes to our bank, friends, and favorite hunting locations. Although the runebooks are accessible from this side of the fence(trash barrel wall) none of our equipment is. Making this design very handy.

    --> Our Bar! "The Blue Bear" We heard you all were stopping by so we decided to decorate early for X-mas. This is where we spend most of our free time(AFK) in between hunts and helping people learn the skills they need to fend for themselves in dungeons.

    Directly behind the bar you'll find the Tailor's quarters. If you need some new threads, there's some talent back there I assure you. :)

    Not much to say about my Comfy bedroom... other than it is right next to the Creepy Crypt! Apparently its some memorial to an Ancestor of mine(My brother's toon from OSI.) Legend has it he will return one day and stop all Evil in its tracks - but that doesn't make the room any less creepy.


    The one room you couldn't see, The Smith's quarters. - All the equipment on display here are 100% Perfect Magical finds from our hunts through Sosaria.

    Ok! Onto the 2nd Floor.


    As you climb the stairs, you enter a well-lit large Rune Library.

    Rune Library - For our more specific missions, we rely heavily on this room. The Red books are detailed locations within each Dungeon. The Blue books are detailed locations within the cities; lastly, the middle row is used for treasure hunting.(stools are placed within the shelving to create the feel of aisles.)

    As a token of our appreciation, We decided to have an all you can eat Buffet outside! Please grab a plate and enjoy yourselves on our 2nd floor outdoor seating. (The back left tower on this floor is very similiar in decor to the back right, no reason to post an additional shot)

    Please don't touch anything in my sister's office, She's into some really dark stuff. (Reaper room)

    I have to apologize for my mongbat... a vendor in Yew told me it was the best watchdog money could buy... I have since been convinced its only good for squaking and flinging shit all over my reading desk.(I bring this up because, I place blocker objects under raised torches/objects to prevent players from having objects float above their toons on ANY accessible tile in my house - I believe it gives not only a clean feel but a clean look at the end of the project)

    Lets finish up on the roof!
    Let me first say - Thanks so much for visiting! Its been an honor being your host.


    Say hi to our hired help for this event, doing a great job guarding our towers during the buffet...
    Oh it seems an Elder Wyrm and a Cerebus decided to stop by and grab a meal of their own!

    Well! That ends our tour folks. Time to call in the troops and take these bad boys down. BTW has anyone seen my OSTARD?!@!
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  12. Fatty Mike

    Fatty Mike Well-Known Member
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    Jun 28, 2018
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    What we have here is the best little Halloween house on the shard. As you step into the house you can see the demise of individuals that challenged us in the past. We have kept a vigil lit of the past NoH bosses and a Tomb to remind us of what comes if we fail.

    Next we have the second floor where we made the mistake of enjoying ale that we found in the dungeon that led to one wild night of puking up blood. Don't make the same mistake we did.

    And finally our roof and Archery Stand. As you can tell we like to experiment on the dead and undead alike. Seeing what these foul fiends hold as far as secrets to their overall plan for the shard.


    This is my submission for best decorated small for the event!
  13. Orome

    Orome Well-Known Member
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    Aug 20, 2016
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    Hail UOR, below is my submission for the Large Category of the Decorating Contest. The concept is an old school UO armory. Yes there are some new rares in here but overall this is very much an age specific project. I hope you enjoy.

    Deco Contest Pic 1.png

    Make no mistake you shall find no frills here, this armory preps man and beast for war nothing more nothing less.

    The entry way leaves no doubt as to the quality of craft to be expected inside. The chests are loaded with weapons of the highest order. To the left is a display case of perfect weapons and a small kitchen loaded with rares of the common right to server birth variety. The Alchemy of Feanor is without compare and the potions or always on the boil.

    Deco Contest Pic 3.png

    The Second floor completes the weapons display and is dedicated to the crafts of metal and fire. A small room for tinkering and a blacksmith shop fit for a lord of the craft. With rune books to every mining cave and ore spawn point production is never a problem. Countless golems have fallen to my sword and the lifeless statues left behind are proof that this is no mere show piece or simple BOD factory.

    Deco Contest Pic 4.png

    The third floor is dedicated to the crafts of leather and wood. From bows to tables there is nothing that can't be produced here. Every item produced in the creation of this armory came out of that little carpentry shop. Once again the complete rune book sets will take me to any shop related to the craft.

    Deco Contest Pic 5.png

    Finally what is the point of creating the materials of war without the ability to put them into practice. Behold the training center. With weapons racks, a dueling pit, archery range, and pet training pens there is no force of arms that cannot be perfected here.

    Deco Contest Pic 6.png

    Thank you for taking the time to view my project. I hope you find it worthy of it's namesake.

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  14. Jill Stihl

    Jill Stihl Well-Known Member
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    Apr 10, 2017
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    This entry is on behalf of my son who has no forum account.

    Category: Best Decorated Medium House

    Will's Cabin -

    Wim 01.jpg

    Wim 02.jpg

    (He may have had a little help, but the general themes are his choices)

    Yes you can fish in Trinsic moat : - )
  15. Kiryana

    Kiryana Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2016
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    Category: Decorated Medium House

    a jeweler cozy log cabin

    Minoc Log Cabin BOSS 1 floor UOScreen.jpg

    Minoc Log Cabin BOSS 2 floor UOScreen.jpg

    Minoc Log Cabin BOSS UOScreen MAP.jpg

    nothing unique, just a house that I love, like you love your home ...
    Edit: The advantage of the territorial location of my house is the ability to play with any characters with and without magic, a miner or tamer, a crafter, a lumberjack and whoever you wish. After all, in your hands are all the objects you need within walking distance.
    a jeweler

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  16. Hollywood

    Hollywood Well-Known Member
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    Apr 14, 2017
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    Submission: Best Decorated Medium House

    1st Floor:

    2nd Floor:
  17. Tuneful

    Tuneful Well-Known Member

    Aug 11, 2017
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    Hello All...My Entry is for the Small house category..
    Is the only home I Live in,it is more of a factory tho!

    Ground Floor where the items I sell on my vendors come in to be Sorted/cleaned(they sometimes come in bloody(hence the table)) into the correct chests ready for shipping upstairs to the storage area.Had to buy a "few"extra secures tho!


    Middle floor Is where things get stored into there wep/armor and instrument type chests....Ready to be sent out to the various vendors


    Top floor....Lol Well you got to put them somewhere!
    I do like the Black staff on the table tho!

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  18. E1000

    E1000 Well-Known Member

    Jul 21, 2017
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    Aedron's Acorn Corner
    • Best Decorated Large House
    • Most Unique Design Element
    Hey guys, here is my entry for this year contest, I haven't push this year design as much as last year one, but I think is good enough to deserve an entry.
    This year I present you with my retirement home on a secluded peninsular beach, here where the tides repears themselves gently raises a large patio, sparkling of a mix of seafoam and salt that the seabreeze brought over the roof.


    The house is equiped with all amenities including:
    • An additional Veranda floor on top of the roof, ideal for stargazing and dating chicks

    • A garden with fishpond included to sit by in long hours of meditation observing the flow of the fishes
    • A Shed Stone-Workshop to store anything is taking to much space in the house
    • A good luck Wisp spirit spawn protecting the house from douches

    And last but not least, the question everyone is wanting to ask:
    • YES, you can fish from the Patio!

    Please, help an old man of the sea to win another 1st prize <3

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  19. Fatty Mike

    Fatty Mike Well-Known Member
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    Jun 28, 2018
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    Tossing my hat into the ring for the best Decorated Massive House..

    When coming to this shard I wanted to build a place to showcase the awesome event items that come from all the shard holiday events that it hosts so all can see at any time. Along with that I started to collect all the event weapons that drop as well. I know that there are some pretty creative and structured builds, but mine is just a showcase of how awesome UOR is and the events that it hosts.

    I will start with my biggest collection my center stage roof that showcases all of the Xmas event items from chests to rares along with that houses all the unique weapons that drop from all the bosses.

    Next I would like to showcase Halloween as I feel it is the be the best event on the shard. I love the NoH and CoD factors of it.

    After that Easter is awesome for the hunt of the leps and the luck of the charms.

    And Finally Valentines Day for all the fresh Cupid Love!

    Inside I have some builds that I like like my Alchy Room and my "Shitter"

    Thank You all for visiting my home and I hope you enjoy the showcasing of all the great items available from drops from all of the amazing events that UOR has to offer all its players.
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  20. Hollywood

    Hollywood Well-Known Member
    UO:R Subscriber

    Apr 14, 2017
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    Submission: Most Unique Design Element

    Deadman's Hangout- Fully functional Chest Wall and Keep to Tower Bridge


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