The Bowman's Dream

Discussion in 'People of Britannia [PoB]' started by Rex, Jul 15, 2015.

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    Sep 18, 2014
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    I had a rather vivid dream last night and I can't make much sense of it. In it Miss Enna had dropped by to offer me a loaf of bread. I gladly accepted the bread and I brought out a few bottles of wine to wash it down. By the time we had drained the last of the wine from the bottles, I noticed how late it had gotten. My shack is poorly furnished and offers only the 1 bedroll so I offered it to Miss Enna and I went just south to the tavern and drank myself asleep right there on the tavern floor. When I awoke the next morning I was surprised to find myself not inside the Tavern but inside my shack. When I sat up I saw with horror blood splattered all over the shack like a great fight had taken place there. I called out for Enna. No answer.
    I started to get a wave of nausea and stumbled outside for some fresh air only to find even more blood leading away from my shack. I followed the trail of blood all the way to the ocean and looked around in the shallow water surrounding the shore for signs of Enna. I saw nothing. I eventually gave up searching the shallows and went back to my shack and began cleaning up the blood. I had hardly even scratched the surface of the blood cleaning job but I was exhausted. I laid down on my bedroll and quickly fell asleep.
    When I awoke I sat up in bed immediately and looked around my shack. There was no blood anywhere.

    Do not worry fellow People of Britannia, it was only a dream. It couldn't possibly mean anything.
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    Oh Rex, what a terrible dream but I hope this doesn't mean you'll be wary of accepting baked goods from me in the future!
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    Brownies, were they? :D

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