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    The ONE guild will be giving away a house as the prize for a new player event. How new of a player? I'm so glad you asked... Your account must fall within the age of 3-12 months. No one under 3 months or above 12 months will be eligible to participate in this event.

    This event is not meant to be extravagant, or last more than a little while, but hey, you're getting something pretty cool, so there must be a small challenge.

    The event will take place Friday evening at 7pm central daylight time. Details of the event will be provided via Discord on Friday just before 7pm.

    At the conclusion of this event the person chosen will receive the following items:
    A Large Patio set up as a Drop House.
    20 sets of exceptional barbed leather armor.
    30 exceptional instruments.
    A Knight's Strong Box w/ 1000 of each reagent.
    1500 cloth in the form of bolts.
    Lathe, Spinning Wheel, Forge, Anvil, and storage containers.
    2 statuettes - golem and a vampire
    An interior decorating tool.
    A small rune setup with useful locations.
    A fur doormat.

    The Patio will come with security in place so hopefully your n00b ass won't get robbed! :D

    I would love to see some good participation from the newer players! Take a look at the set up below.


    Account age verification will be done by staff prior to transfer.
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    Thats pretty legit, not gonna lie.
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