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    Sea travel on boats is slow, could a new option for increased speed or a creative way such as boat teleportation to a specific coordinate be created. Add a new spell or item for boat travel. Add some creativity.

    Additionally, how about a new designed large boat such as The Nujelm Cruiser with increased speed with an interesting design, The Moonglow Sea ship in crimson red and metallic blue. Sosaria's Yacht, increased speed, captain and officer designation options so only designated persons can command the ship, easy mib coordinate go-to option, additional storage.
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    Welcome to the shard!
    You need to know two things.

    1 - None of those things match the UO : Renaissance ERA so they likely won’t be considered.

    2- The owner of this shard is not active and hasn’t been for a couple years now.
    We don’t know how long the lights will be on or if he’s coming back.

    I used to give him the benefit of doubt but since he doesn’t talk, we’re left to guess and worry.
    I’m a season away from pulling my ($) support.
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